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PIK-2015 Entering Service with Belarusian Armed Forces

 PIK-2015 Entering Service with Belarusian Armed Forces 14 April 2017

PIK-2015 Entering Service with Belarusian Armed Forces

The new advanced solution of MNIPI – the PIK-2015 portable small-size information centre – is developed in the interests of the Defence Ministry and is a compact analogue of the ITs-2006 mobile information centre, which has been successfully used for several years in the Belarusian Armed Forces for information support of military units.
The PIK-2015 is designed for technical assistance of information support for company- and battalion-size units in the field. The system allows for TV and radio broadcasting to the troops in the DVB-T2 standard for television broadcasting; providing (reading) audio and video information for an extended audience from various media; taking photos and making videos with subsequent editing; receiving and transmitting information via mobile Internet in the service area by a mobile operator and through a LAN-port; working with external devices through different ports; recording, storing, processing of audio, photo and video information.
The system’s distinctive advantages are compactness and autonomy.
The PIK-2015 includes DVD-AV reciever, acoustic stereo system (built-in), mixing console, rechargeable battery and power system.
To protect the system’s components from climatic and mechanical external factors, all the components are placed in a hermetically sealed container-suitcase with autonomous power supply. The container-suitcase is fitted with thermostating (heating) and damping (compensation of mechanical influences) equipment that allow for carrying out the required tasks under given operating conditions.
The dustproof, waterproof, impact-resistant polyplastic suitcase is fitted with roller wheels and a retractable telescopic handle, due to which it can be transported by one serviceman.
The PIK-2015 company and battalion sets successfully passed state tests in December 2016. During the operational service tests in February-March 2017, they confirmed the tactical and technical characteristics specified in the requirement specification. In 2017, the PIK-2015 portable information centres are being introduced into service with the Armed Forces.

Translated by Olga Klevko

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