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Belarusian army about to commission long-range MLRS rocket

Belarusian army about to commission long-range MLRS rocket 4 April 2017

Belarusian army about to commission long-range MLRS rocket

The Belarusian enterprise Precise Electro-Mechanics Plant has made a long-range rocket with a high-explosive fragmentation effect for the multiple-launch rocket systems Grad and BelGrad. The rocket is going through acceptance procedures and will be commissioned by the Belarusian army. The new 122mm rocket for the Grad MLRS was successfully field tested in December 2016. The weight, size and tactical applications of the new rocket are on par with the standard rocket 9M22U for the Grad and BelGrad MLRS. However, the new rocket's explosive effect is twice as much. The rocket's payload also includes 1,000 metal pins as the damaging agent. The tests confirmed the new rocket can be fitted with a radio detonator to adjust the explosion altitude. If detonated at about 10 meters above the ground, the explosive effect against the target will be 6.5-7.5 times as much as the standard explosion. The rocket's flight distance exceeds 22km. A dummy model of the new rocket will be showcased during the international armaments and military technology expo MILEX 2017. The manufacturer will also demonstrate dummy models of the modernized rockets 9M521MB1, 9M521MB2, and 9M522MB. Thanks to its R&D, experimental and manufacturing capabilities the enterprise Precise Electro-Mechanics Plant can develop, modernize, extend the operational life of various rockets or recycle them in addition to making modern rocket systems. There is a system in place to modernize and extend the operation

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