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Goscomvoyenprom Announces Results of Best Website Competition

Goscomvoyenprom Announces Results of Best Website Competition 30 January 2017

Goscomvoyenprom Announces Results of Best Website Competition

The Belarusian State Military Industrial Committee (Goscomvoyenprom) announced the results of the competition for companies’ best websites, which was held from August to December 2016.
The award ceremony took place as part of the collegium’s meeting held to discuss the results of Goscomvoyenprom’s activities for 2016.
The key objectives of the competition include determining the most technological and informational websites; encouraging the introduction of advanced network technologies in various spheres of companies’ activity, including the effective use of internet marketing for positioning and promotion of products and services in foreign markets; searching for the best strategies, techniques and business models for the use of the Internet to meet the information needs of a foreign target audience; promoting the Belarusian Internet segment as an environment for professional activities.
The competition was judged by a jury consisting of representatives of Goscomvoyenprom’s structural subdivisions, as well as independent experts –heads of the leading Belarusian internet companies and web developers.
The following companies were recognised by the jury as the best ones:
·        Belspetsvneshtechnika in the Best Special Exporter’s Website nomination
·        the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant in the Best Industrial Company’s Website nomination
·        the Radar Design Bureau, management company of the Radar Systems Holding in the Best Research and Production Company’s Website nomination
By the jury’s special decision, the website of the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant was selected from among the winners in each nomination and awarded the prize.
The competition allowed participants to begin the development of easy-to-use corporate resources with good quality design and navigation, taking into account the specifics of the target audience; optimise their websites for the functionality of social media and start using information technologies in marketing activities of social internet networks, which will make it possible to apply new methods of communication with potential customers to stimulate interest in products or services offered, as well as allow companies to hold more effective PR events to promote companies’ capabilities and new products and services to foreign markets.
The organisers plan to hold an open competition for the best website in 2017. The owners of websites of various forms of ownership and subordination that represent the Belarusian defence sector will be welcome to participate.
At present, Goscomvoyenprom and its companies are assigned a task of diversifying the markets for products and services while maintaining positions in the Russian market.
One of the components of this work, even taking into account the specific features inherent to our system, is the use of the Internet’s capabilities and, in particular, effective and systematic efforts on design, quality content and update of websites of Goscomvoyenprom companies.
The Belarusian National Export Support and Development Programme for 2016-2020 and the roadmap for its implementation provide for measures to enhance information and marketing activities based on the global technological trends in the wide use of the Internet and internet marketing.
In the modern business environment a website is a hallmark of any organisation or company and one of the most promising channels to promote products and services to foreign markets.

Translated by Olga Klevko

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