VPK. Belarus is a full-colour glossy 96-page magazine, which is published in Russian and English and tells about the development and maintenance of weapon systems and military and special equipment, defence companies’ activities and military-technical cooperation between Belarus and foreign countries.

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VPK. Belarus, №3 - 2018 VPK. Belarus, №3 - 2018

  • Much Has Been Done, There Is Much to Do.
  • Accuracy and Effectivity Will Be Provided by… Legion.
  • Optoelectronic Systems Development in Belarus.
  • New‑Generation Intercom and Switching Equipment Enters Production.
  • In the Interests of Economy, Defence and Security.

VPK. Belarus, №2 - 2018 VPK. Belarus, №2 - 2018

  • Precise Electromechanics Plant Successfully Upgrades Polonez Long-Range Rocket System.
  • T-72BME — Classics with Advanced Capabilities.
  • Low-Observable and Dangerous. The Bogomol robotic system, developed by BSVT — New Technologies LLC, is an effctive tool against armoured vehicles.
  • New Low-Flying and Ground Objects Detection Radar Developed by KB Radar.
  • Innovations for the Asia-Pacifi Region.

VPK. Belarus, №1 - 2018 VPK. Belarus, №1 - 2018

  • Results Summarised, Tasks Set
  • Umex 2018: a Arone’s Eye View
  • Upgraded Aerial Scout
  • Вelarusian Lightweight Rocket Launcher
  • There is an Addition to the Bogatyr family