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The Combat Vehicle Prototype of the Upgraded Uragan-M MLRS Passed State Tests

On 8 December 2021, one of the stages of state tests of the 9P140MB combat vehicle prototype has been successfully completed at the Osipovichsky firing range within the framework of R&D work aimed at modernisation of the Uragan MLRS in the interests of the Defence Ministry.

The product was upgraded with the maximum possible use of advanced Belarusian-made equipment (chassis, VHF communication means, navigation and automated guidance means), which ensured the possibility of further modernisation as regards automation of the combat use.

According to the chief designer Yury Nikolaev, two prototypes of the product, following preliminary tests that ended in July 2021, were refined at one of SAMI enterprises and presented for state tests.

Maj. Gen. Gennady Kozlovsky, Chief of Rocket Troops and Artillery – Chief of the Armed Forces Directorate for Rocket Troops and Artillery of the General Staff noted that during the tests the multiple launch rocket system performed well and the desired results were fully achieved. The product demonstrated stability during the volley fire and the integrity of all the structures at the critical angle of rotation of cluster of rocket launchers. The combat vehicle is protected against the back-blast.

According to Gennady Kozlovsky, a reconnaissance strike complex was created as part of the state tests. “We integrated an UAV, means of destruction, communications and data transmission system, and in the online mode at the control point received the results of the defeat after the missile strike,” emphasised the Maj. Gen.

In one of the next stages of the state tests, it is planned to conduct for the first time under range conditions a rocket firing while raising the cluster of rocket launchers of the combat vehicle to the minimum permissible angle of elevation above the cab.

Over the next five years, measures are planned to upgrade all the Uragan MLRS currently in service with the Armed Forces.



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