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Sapphire Confirmed the Selected Technical Solutions

SAMI Minister Dmitry Pantus checked the progress of preliminary tests carried out by one of the defence enterprises as a part of the research and development (R&D) activities of a prototype of the Sapphire light multipurpose grenade launcher system, which took place on the territory of the 227th training ground (Borisov). The external ballistics of the grenade body with an inert warhead and a standard jet engine, the compliance of the developed and manufactured components of the prototype with the requirements of the tactical and technical assignment for the development and the possibility of using them as a part of a serial product were checked.

The tests were carried out in the single shot mode at a catcher target measuring 2 × 2 m, installed at a distance of 133 m.

A prototype in the form of a launching transporting container with a grenade launcher (throwable object) located inside using a special bracket was placed on a tripod machine for the SPG-9 anti-tank grenade launcher. Aiming was carried out using mechanical guidance.

After each test (shot), by analysing high-speed video recording, the external ballistics of the product, as well as the operation of the jet engine, the reaction of the machine tool and the launching transporting container body, the exit of the product from the barrel bore, and the operation of the plumage were checked.

The tests have confirmed the technical solutions selected by the enterprise, which will allow the completion of the R&D project as scheduled.

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