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Flute MLRS Successfully Passes the Firing Test Phase

At the end of November 2021, the first firing tests of the Flute multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) were conducted at the 230 th Obuz-Lesnovsky test site of the Belarusian Defence Ministry by one of SAMI companies. The product was developed on the initiative of the organisation at its own expense.

The tests verified and validated the design solutions used to build the prototype, in particular the ability to prepare for firing, shoot a mission and change position in a short period of time.

The Flute MLRS is the ASILAK light armoured vehicle (LAV ASILAK) with a package of 80 launch tubes for S-8 missiles and designed for close fire support to land forces and special operations forces, destroying exposed and sheltered enemy manpower, unarmoured and light armoured vehicles, engaging artillery and mortar batteries, and other combat missions.

In order to improve accuracy and the possibility of using the combat vehicle as a part of a group under the guidance of a single control body, the Flute MLRS is equipped with the Alliance automated control system, as well as an on-board navigation system. The use of information and digital technologies has reduced the time of preparation for a salvo to only 30 seconds, and the deployment takes no more than one minute.

Earlier, the product underwent a series of running tests.

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