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Belarusian Equipment Proves Its High Class in Exercises

A joint exercise Indestructible Brotherhood 2021with the Collective Peacekeeping Forces of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation took place near Kazan. The Belarusian military contingent was represented by the subunits of the 38th Independent Guards Air Assault Brigade of the Special Operations Forces Command, Belarusian Armed Forces, and military unit 3214 of the Interior Ministry troops of the Republic of Belarus.

Indestructible Brotherhood 2021 was the first exercise outside Belarus in which our servicemen operated with their regular equipment – BTR-70MB1 armoured personnel carriers, Cayman mobile armoured vehicles and R-186D combined radio station were delivered to Tatarstan by rail.

The vehicles and armaments manufactured by the Belarusian State Authority for Military Industry (SAMI) did their best during all phases of the exercise. For example, BTR-70MB1 and Cayman were involved in escorting convoys with refugees and humanitarian aid, and took part in blockading a populated area where, according to the legend, militants were hiding. To guard the camp, members of our special operations forces of the Armed Forces and the Interior Ministry troops used the Lis and the Cayman special armoured vehicles.

A mobile communications centre was deployed at the training range of the Kazan Higher Tank Command School for the benefit of the Belarusian military contingent. It was based on a combined R-186D radio station equipped with communications equipment and workstations. All the stuffing of the station is domestically produced and made by the team of AGAT – Control Systems JSC. The product is designed to provide open and protected telephone communication, data transmission via HF and VHF radio channels, through the network of mobile operator, satellite communications station in motion and parked, at operational and operational-strategic levels of control. The station could be autonomous and when deployed as part of a command post communications centre. During the exercise, the communications centre carried out numerous tasks to organise reliable and sustained robust communications between the command and combat units.

“The exercise was characterised by difficult weather conditions, strong wind, rain and wet snow. However, the Belarusian communications equipment worked uninterruptedly, ensuring stable control of the troops,” said Guards Major Ivan Kunakhovets, senior officer of the regiment’s communications section of the 38th Guards Independent Mobile Brigade.

It should be noted that the Belarusian-made mobile, combined satellite communication stations have proven their quality during numerous exercises not only in our country, but also abroad.

“It was interesting for us to take part in such an exercise. In addition, we also showed off our equipment,” emphasised the commander of the radio platoon of the 38th Guards Independent Mobile Brigade, Guards Senior Lieutenant Pavel Prilepa.

“The Belarusian peacekeeping contingent participated in almost all phases of the exercise. Its actions were highly assessed. Our equipment did its best, too. We were fully independent in this regard, moving on our BTR-70MB1s and Caymans, and thanks to the R-186D combined radio station, we were constantly in touch with the command,” said the Commander of the Belarusian military contingent during the exercise Colonel Vladimir Bely.



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